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Frequently Asked Questions

How you ensure your products have the highest quality?

VIOGEN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in UK. We are offering a wide range of products. All our products are world-class pharmaceuticals that are manufactured in full compliance with global quality standards. We are responding to the global challenges in healthcare and the need to deliver a safe, highest quality products to our customers.

How you ensure product quality control?

Our company has manufactured a diverse range of products. Our product and process development team, ensure that all necessary technical requirements are met and quality control tests for the products are handled. At VIOGEN PHARMACEUTICALS, we adopt innovative solutions and industry best practices. Our manufacturing facility designed to meet international quality standards and is certified by the WHO-GMP, and fully compliant with EUGMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products), and UKMHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Does your company establish GMP pratices in your production processes?

Yes, our company establish a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in our production processes. We constantly develop our performance to make sure that all our products are produced and controlled according to quality standards.

What are your company’s plans?

VIOGEN PHARMACEUTICALS is very clear about its goals. We strive to deliver a portfolio of innovative medicines that will improve the quality of life for our customers all over the world. We believe that success is based on innovation, excellence in research and development (R&D) and skills of our employees. We take great care to ensure high-quality standards for our products. Our operations are managed with high concern for safety and the environment. We are very proud of our innovative manufacturing plants which are equipped with highly sophisticated and advanced facilities.

What is your company vision?

Our company vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company with an increasing focus on innovative research and new markets. We want to enstablish our global presence and constantly develop and improve our products and services.

What is your company mission?

Our mission is to maintain a high standard of quality in all of the pharmaceutical products that we manufacture. At VIOGEN PHARMACEUTICALS we fully concentrate at our work to deliver top quality and affordable medicines that are manufactured in full compliance with global quality standards. Our team is dedicated to pharmaceutical excellence in terms of quality and high standards.

Are Viogen Products sold in Europe?

No we do not sell to Europe actually.

Are Viogen products sold in USA?

No we do not sell to USA actually.